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Happy Puppy for Flick

Flick, is a Zoologist, that has lived with Wolves & specialises in canine language, she has over 11 years of experience communicating to animals from cats, dogs, horses & cows to Wolves. Flick spent 2 yrs in Austria splitting her time between the Wolf Science Centre, & the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna whilst training dogs at Tierheim Sonnenhof (an animal shelter). Flick is at the 'top of her game', she passionately believes in helping you learn your dog's language & to help you teach your dog yours.  She created the Pearlwynd Training & Activity Centre to provide a source of enrichment & connection for dogs of any stage or age, for lifelong learning, stimulation & calming.   She has a plethora of qualifications & has rubbed shoulders with some of the worlds leading Canine experts. She has a PGCE (postgraduate certificate in education) & is a certified Confidence Coach. Canine Hoopers World Level 1 instructor & multiple CPD courses with a wide variety of training providers including IMDT. Flick's emergency first aid qualified in both dogs & humans. Despite her impressive experience & ability, Flick is empowered by knowledge & is currently enrolled on a Behaviour Bible course, School of Canine Science, to ensure she is on it with, science, dog training & behaviour modification


Lynn is one of the UK's only Ringcraft Behaviourists. Alongside her training courses & Club, Lynn has a proven track record in resolving behavior issues both within the ring & ringside. Lynn has over 20 years experience training and showing dogs. She has handled many breeds at high levels Nationally. Lynn has a plethora of training inc. IMDT instructor, BTEC 1st diploma in animal care, BTEC National diploma in animal management. She did 6 years of Voluntary work at 2 rescue centers & worked at a veterinary practice to further her experience.  Lynn currently holds her Canine Hoopers World (CHW) level 2 instructor certificate & is working towards level 3. She is certified in emergency canine first aid. Lynn is currently working towards becoming a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor (KCAI). She is also currently a level C Ring Craft Judge & is awaiting her B listing. Lynn is also a breeder. Lynn has achieved Best of Breed at CRUFTS twice with one of her Swedish Vallhunds & was awarded Top Dog. She has had masses of success in helping her clients. Additionally, she has participated & competed in a multitude of dog sports, mainly, Agility for 15 years, Rally Obedience & flyball. Her passion is training show dogs & helping their handlers to reach high levels. To be honest she is brilliant at it, & is quickly gaining a strong following for her Ringcraft courses, which are often snapped up & overbooked, she runs workshops, 121 sessions, classes & behavioral work. 

Happy Puppy for Lynn
Happy Puppy for  Lynn

Chloe has worked intuitively with dogs for over 10 years. She has studied multiple courses in canine science & animal care including NVQ, dog training, first aid, scent work, Hoopers level 1 World Instructor. Her experience of canine handling & training is truly extensive. She is an excellent observer & interpreter of Canine Language & is great at communicating that knowledge to you. She also has experience of Agility & other dog sports. She has a specialist interest in the 'pro & cons' of neutering & spaying & potential ramifications. Chloe is a talented horsewoman and qualified for the National finals in Hunter Trails and Dressage; she is passionate about animal welfare & has British level 1&2 qualifications & experience in horse husbandry, & animal first aid. She & Flick knowledge share & Chloe apprenticed to Flick for a while to gain that unique perspective that Flick brings to the Canine arena. Chloe is a huge asset to the Pearlwynd Activity & Training Centre & you will be really lucky to have her as your trainer.

Happy Puppy for  Anna

Anna - Anna is the Brains of our team, a qualified Human Pharmacist, she is qualified in the foundations of canine nutrition & is further studying both dog pharmacology and nutrition. She combines these powerful skills with a mass of canine experience and a big heart. Anna has been a canine dog rescuer & fosterer for over 20 years. Her canine handling skills are not to be sniffed at either, She is a Scuffs finalist & is such a good canine communicator that she has trained a successful dog actor, reaching the final 5 in Andrew Lloyd Webbers "Over the Rainbow" & starred in a stage productions of "Annie". She is a regular assistant to Lynn in Ringcraft & is learning Canine Construction and Conformation. Anna is a big asset to the team & is going to head up our new range of nutrition workshops and 121s. Watch this space! 

Happy Puppy for Janet

Janet ~ heart of Pearlwynd, behind the scenes ensuring smooth sailing as we navigate our growth & expansion. She is a dog lover & has 2 rather mad working Springer Spaniels, Bennie & Buster.


Jan is a human behaviorist of some note having studied with Paul Makenna, Richard Bandler & Tony Robbins to name a few. She is a graduate of  Life Mastery University, Coaching Academy & NLP academy, as well as Management School. She is as keen an observer of humans as Flick is of dogs. She is the one checking that we don't forget the human element. Bennie & Buster, still pups, were practically feral when she got them, & had littermate syndrome. Their fear-based Pica & behavioural issues have already resulted in surgery.  If you designed a "dummy" dog to test every training effort & every boundary they would be perfect!! Buster's fear makes everything hard, Janet came to Pearlwynd because other trainers had failed her several times & she immediately connected with Flick's deeply intuitive understanding of every behaviour nuance & respected the shear magnitude of Flick's ability to see what you don't see. She wants others to know just how different Pearlwynd is & with patience what can be achieved. She is still trying to work out why the pups put on their best behaviour when Flick is around......a secret invisible whip? Maybe!

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