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Cute puppy


Flick designed this centre putting pups 1st. She gets that we all have our quirks, we want choices & alternatives that suit us.

cute puppy

Settle your puppy into their new home


A place to ask any questions you may have


Breed appropriate advice


Flexible, bespoke advice given

This is a two-hour 121 consultation at your home.


Flick believes training should be fun & must fit you & your pup.


We custom sessions accounting for breed, age, personality & development of each pup attending.


We are creative in class content & structure, so you move as slowly or rapidly as you like with no boredom or embarrassment.


We provide lots of different learning scenarios & environments for puppies to become familiar with & give you several alternatives so you can choose how you want to Train & Practice.

two puppys on leads
really cute puppy
No question our discounted packages are best value & have proven to give pup the best start. Which is why we created them!


Most popular - Set up for Success - Everything you & pup need.


Package includes:


Private 121 - 45 min - with highly qualified & experienced trainer in our heated barn, or paddock with assessment, tips. An opportunity to ask questions & raise specific issues.


6 x1 hr training; we custom our sessions taking into consideration breed, age, personality & development of each pup attending.


After 6 you can continue in class* at reduced 'Pay-as-You-go' rate of £12 per session until ready to progress. (Usually £20).

Once you Book this Package you automatically become a Pearlwynd Member; giving you 10% off other courses you book within the Training Centre*

Plus 20% off 3rd course booked.*


Plus you get access to our NEW Pay-as-You-go Puppy Training Practice Club at reduced members rate. £10, in our fenced paddock or heated barn.


You get 1 free club session to start inc in package. (Usually £12 non-member).


You can also advance to our popular 'Pay-as-You-go' Dog Training Practice Club also £10 for Members, which has a members-only day & an open day for newcomers & members.


You get priority access to health workshops, photo shoots, dog sports, events etc.


You will receive a link to a free training video on booking with command words to get you started.

All for only £125

puppy sitting
Cute Puppy

Although Packages are best value & best for pup


For those that just want to do Classes, we do that too!


We do a package of just 6 Classes only for £99


We also offer for people that want to dip in & out a Pay-as -You-go option at £22 per session. More expensive than Package of classes, or our best value set up for Success Package,  but gives total flexibility.


This can be mixed with Puppy Training Practice Club, again it's more expensive than within a Package, £12 per session. You need class training before Puppy Training Practice Club.


This gives total flexibility, but you would need some class training first before Puppy Training Practice Club.


This is a follow on course from any Puppy Course. It builds on foundations taught in Beginners & works towards a Puppy that can focus both on & off lead. We teach the more they listen, the more freedom they can have!


We practice both on & off lead with distractions so that our puppies are prepared for the real world. 

We cover:

Loose lead walking with objects e.g. bags, trays & trolleys

Heelwork increasing distance & distractions

Toy steadiness so pup doesn't steal other dogs balls

Leave it/ wait - from food to other dogs

Recall - away from other dogs

Sit -stays - increasing distance, duration, distractions

Settle work - build duration & distractions

Send to bed  

Table confidence for vet visits

Polite stranger & friend greetings (no jump up!)

6 wk course.

cute puppy running
Cute dog listening

Accelerate your training by booking individual 121 training sessions


Bespoke training sessions to achieve what you need


Club provides the best opportunity for you to socialise & practice training around a group of other puppies.


It helps you to teach your puppy to ignore doggy, among other, distractions. 


For more information about our Clubs see  - Training Club


Or to book a place: 

puppy playing with toys
cute puppy sitting

You get the training you pay for

Nothing more annoying than booking a package of Classes & missing out because of family commitments!


A lot of dog classes have a hard & fast line that if you miss - tough! That's no good for you or Dog!


We designed a Missed Class Package Guarantee* so you get the training you pay for!


Miss 1 class tag it on end, Miss a 2nd class have a Dog Training Practice Club session on us*


We want the best start for your dog & this is it.


T&Cs apply*.

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dog sitting
ywo puppies playing
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