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This fab range of dog Services are created by our Zoologist founder & have been forged from her studies living with Wolves & her observations of Canine behaviour up close in live environments.

She designed The PEARLWYND Training & Activity Centre to provide important opportunities for Enrichment & connection, essential for calm & compliance at every age & level.


Flick embedded techniques learnt from some of the Worlds top Canine behaviour experts in this extensive range.


One thing for sure is the more fun you have with your dog the more connected you become!


We provide winter & summer training & activities, whatever age or stage it's great for them & good for you!

Here are some of our services:

Social Training Classes

Time for Tea & 'Settle'

121 in heated barn or fenced paddock

121 at home, or live location to mimic a problem

Training Practice Clubs

Practice Social walks

Hoopers Courses - Brain stimulation, calms, fun

Hoopers 121 - Focused, Confidence Build

Pearlwynd Shows

Workshops - Obedience, Health, Photoshoots

Gun Dog & Scurry

Ring Craft Club, Courses & Workshops - i.e. Crufts

Agility Courses or 121

Or my favourite.. training practice trips Off-Campus! ...and more

Dog standing
A training class

At Pearlwynd our experts don't deliver a pre-set method, they watch & tailor techniques to antidote  'misunderstanding', fear, or seeming rebellion!


Most behavior problems are simply communication glitches from human to dog & vice versa, or even trauma you can't find a way to comfort.


At Pearlwynd you will find good translators, we provide the support you need to keep up enthusiasm to get the communication & connection you both need. Once learned the rest usually falls into place!

We also give you choices of so many alternative ways to train and practice.


No question our discounted packages are best value & have proven to give the best start -  which is why we created them!


Most popular - Set up for Success - Everything your dog need; includes:


Private 121 - 45 min - with highly qualified & experienced trainer in our heated barn, or paddock with assessment, tips. An opportunity to ask questions & raise specific issues.


6 x1 hr training; we custom our sessions taking into consideration breed, age, personality & development of each dog attending.


After 6 you can continue in class* at reduced 'Pay-as-You-go' rate of £12 per session until ready to progress. (Usually £20).

Dog giving paw
Gun dog sitting

Once you Book this package you automatically become a Pearlwynd Member; giving you 10% off other courses you book within the Training Centre*

Plus 20% off 3rd course booked.*


Plus you get access to our Pay-as-You-go Dog Training Practice Club at our members day. £10, in our fenced paddock or heated barn.


You get 1 free club session to start included in the package. (Usually £10 non-member).


You get priority access to health workshops, photo shoots, dog sports, events etc.


You will receive a link to a free training video on booking with command words to get you started.


Accelerate your training by booking individual 121 training sessions


From stop pulling sessions to nailing recall, we can help

Gun dog running
Dog pulling on a lead

We don't believe a single training regime fits all dogs


We work with you and your dog to find a solution that is both practical and feasible

Our stooge dogs allow you to learn around well-trained, under-control dogs


Once you've learned how to train, your dog needs practice!


We've lots of Training Practice Clubs for members and those that are open to anyone to book on a pay-as-you-go basis


We are also rapidly setting up other Activity Clubs, including Scurry & Social Clubs, Gun Dogs & even more in summer like our Off-Campus trips or ball games workshops.


These are fun sociable clubs, for all of us whose dogs need practice around other dogs. 


Open to all - Training Practice Dog Club,  book online; Pay-as-You-go £10 - limited. (2nd dog same household £5)


See our services to see available practice opportunities and workshops.

Training taking place outside
Doig doing an agality course

Flick, set up the Pearlwynd Training & Activity Centre to deliver opportunities to give our dogs what so many lack. She created truly fun, all year round (heated Barn in winter), mental stimulation & connection.


She wanted to create Activities for any age or stage to make our dogs think! Games that simulate 'Working' calms them using their brain, it entertains & as an added bonus is good exercise.


Because she's a Zoologist & spent years at Vienna Wolf Science Centre Flick is abundantly clear that walking, feeding & cuddles is lovely, but leaves a huge gap in the Canine need for purpose & mental stimulation. We also like a bit of competition!

We are alway developing new ranges of activities to give fun & necessary stimulation from Pup to Retirement.


We contract & work with highly trained & national class instructors.


For more info see:


Register interest to hear

about new events & activities

& offers.

Dog running through hoops
A dog standing

We have a specialist Ringcraft division which is run by one of the U.K.s only Ringcraft Behaviourists. She is truly a marvel.


See Lynn in  Our Fab Team


Lynn is a two times Best of Breed winner at Crufts & has amassed an impressive haul of successes for her clients.

For more info see:

Or Book & Info


Ringcraft also has its own website:


We currently run Gun Dog 121 Training & 8-week specialised Gun Dog Puppy courses that are capped at 6 dogs due to the different nature of the Gun Dog Puppy course versus normal Puppy courses.

See our Gun Dog & Scurry page to book Gun Dog 121s or our Gun Dog Puppy courses. 

We are also in the process of setting up Scurry and more advanced Gun Dog events and activities. You can express an interest on our Gun Dog page.

A dog in water retrieving
Dog sitting

You get the training you Pay for

Nothing more annoying than booking a package of Classes & missing out because of family commitments!


A lot of dog classes have a hard & fast line that if you miss - tough! That's no good for you or Dog!


We designed a Missed Class Package Guarantee* so you get the training you pay for!


Miss 1 class tag it on end, Miss a 2nd class have a Dog Training Practice Club session on us*


We want the best start for your dog & this is it.


T&Cs apply*.

Two dogs sitting
Dog running through a tunnel
A springer sitting
Two dogs running
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